Expert panel to tackle “absurd” health and safety rulings

Myth Busters Challenge Panel aims to help people fight “ridiculous” bans, such as stopping pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey games and the selling of candyfloss


Judith Hackitt, head of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), has published a list of “ridiculous” health and safety rulings to highlight the new Myth Busters Challenge Panel she will lead.


Judith aims to cut through the “pretty absurd decisions” that have been made under the guise of health and safety, providing clear advice for the public, the Telegraph reports. Judith explained that the actual task of health and safety, which is to manage serious risks to life and limb in Britain’s workplaces, has been undermined.

Chris Grayling, the employment minister, described “daft” decisions as being the result of “jobsworth” staff, rather than any legal requirements. “The Myth Busters Challenge Panel will advise people where they think local authorities, insurance companies or schools have got it wrong,” Chris said.

Infamous cases of Health and Safety interpretations going too far include candyfloss bans to stop kids impaling themselves with the stick and goggles being issued for conker games.

Judith said, “I am determined that the panel will help to put the spotlight on the worst health and safety myths and ensure that people give an honest account for their decisions.”


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