Fabian and Natalie's vital stats:

Fabian Delph, born 21 November 1989
Natalie Delph, born 31 March 1990


Fabian and Natalie's children:

Sophia Delph, born 2013
Aleya Delph, born July 2015
Baby Delph (yet to be named), born 5 July 2018

Who is Fabian Delph?

Fabian Delph is a professional footballer, who has played for Leeds United and Aston Villa. He currently plays as a midfielder/left back for Manchester City, and the England national team.

Fabian's part of the 2018 World Cup line-up in Russia, having appeared as a substitute for England in numerous matches.

He famously went back to the UK in the early stages of the World Cup to watch his 3rd child being born, before returning to Russia for the match against Sweden.

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Fabian played in the match that made history, and scored England a place in the semi-finals for the first time in 28 years.

How did Fabian meet Natalie?

Not much is known about how Natalie and Fabian got together, other than that they married in 2013.

They welcomed their 1st child, a daughter named Sophia, in the same year.

Natalie's 2nd pregnancy

In the summer of 2015, as Natalie prepared to welcome her 2nd child, Fabian had a big decision to make: stay at Aston Villa or transfer to Manchester City.

And it seemed that family was the driving force behind the decision - which upset some of his fans.

"The week I didn't travel away my wife was expecting so there was a lot more to think about than football," he confessed in an interview.

"My family comes first and I was basically sat there waiting for my daughter to be born. Obviously in the back of my mind there was a decision to be made and I'm a City player now. I'm happy and ready to go.

'Everything changes once you have children. Your priorities change. They're number one. Everything you do, every performance, every time I step on the pitch, I want it to rub off well on my family and make them proud of me. That will always be the way I think throughout my career."

Natalie went on to give birth at home to their 2nd daughter, a baby girl named Aleya, in July.

Fabian leaves the World Cup as Natalie gives birth

Fabian made headlines when it was announced he was leaving the World Cup to make a pit stop home.

The midfielder left Russia to return to the UK in order to be by Natalie's side as she gave birth to their 3rd child, another baby girl, at home.

He wrote on Instagram as he travelled back from the birth: "I’ve just experienced the most amazing 24 hours.

"Watching my brothers come through a tough game both mentally and physically, I kicked every ball and felt every bit of emotion with the players, staff and fans.

"At 07:52, me my wife and 2 beautiful daughters welcomed their baby sister into the world. I can’t put into words the happiness and gratitude I’m feeling... Back to Russia now."

Fabian's quite the family man, and there was no question whether he'd be by Natalie's side for the birth.

"There’s nothing more important than family to me - family always comes first and always will," he told the BBC.

“It was actually that game that took her into labour,” he continued. “During the game she was diving about watching and she then went into hospital afterwards. She had the baby, I got back and had a session with the lads.

“For me, personally, it has been one of the best weeks of my life. If not the best week of my life. I obviously had a few days back home for the birth of my third child.

"The gaffer [manager Gareth Southgate] gave me a couple of days to get back so to come back and be involved in a fantastic squad and not only that, to get some minutes [in the Sweden game] is absolutely fantastic.”

The baby has yet to be named, though Fabian did joke that the Russian city of Samara - where England won against Sweden - would make for a good middle name ?

Images: Instagram/Fabian Delph

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