Fabulous treats for mum this Christmas

The festive season isn't all about the little ones, sometimes us mums need a little treat...or three! Check out our gorgeous finds from the All Present and Correct press day

Airbrush spray tan kit

Made of Carpet handbags!

Gorgously smelling Woodwick candles

Tucked into the basement of The Courtyard Hotel in the heart of London, MFM was greeted with an abundance of fabulous gifts and products from beauty gadgets, genius pampering goodies and lot’s of make-up, homeware and handbags. Oh, and there were a few bits for children too, but we’ll get back to that.


Because today was all about being pampered, spoilt and pampered again! First stop was the people behind the PediEgg. This fab invention apparently sold out on QVC within hours and is a wonder product for dry, cracked heels and feet. While we were marvelling at the PediEgg, we met the latest model – the electronic version! Not due to launch till September, this nifty little gadget turns dried, worn out tootsies into smooth, twinkle toes!

We also saw a rather amazing product we just had to share. Ok, so it doesn’t look very, erm, stylish but what it does will amaze you! It’s called Shower Feet and is like a foot bath in a shoe. Not only does it revive tired feet, but it keeps them feeling fresh – perfect for mums who are on their feet all day. The best part is, it’s a steal at £9.99…


Are you really paranoid about the ingredients and quality of your everyday make-up? If so, you should try out bellapierre cosmetics which are made entirely of organic and natural ingredients with no nasties AND are so multi-functional, most products double up as an eye shadow, blusher and can be added to foundation, lip gloss and nail varnish.

We then had a loo at the latest miracle products from Beauty Works. We loved the self-tanning kit, which includes a hairdryer-looking applicator which you use to spray onto your pale bits. We were also eyeing up the electronic facial toner which, for £29.99,works better than botox. Well, apparently!

Homely gifts

Next up, we spied the gorgeous smelling Woodwick candles which have wooden wicks instead of wax, creating a soothing crackling sound when it burns. These candles come in 25 different scents and are presented in lovely curved cases.

Quirky goodies

We LOVED the handbags made of carpet. Yes, thats right, these generously sized handbags (aptly named Made of Carpet) and totes are lovingly made from authentic carpets from around the world. They are perfect for everyday bags, and also for mums who have to carry round lot’s of baby bits and bobs. We spoke to the designer and she told us that the bags are all authentically sourced from around Europe and handmade.


For the kids

Obviously, we couldn’t leave without sampling the latest gadgets and goodies for children. We adored the Happy Hopperz where we were told that they have a new Reindeer friend coming soon to the collection of flouro-coloured bouncy animals and it went down a storm with the little ones at the show!

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