Families spend over £20,000 on their children’s friends

The average British family spends £24,587 on ‘Kidditions,’ according to new survey


‘Kidditions’ – your children’s friends or extended family members who sleep over once or twice a month – can cost you up to £24,587 over just a few years, according to a Woolworths study.


Having your son or daughter’s playmates over for a sleepover just one or two nights a month can cost Brits an extra £2058, the survey revealed.

The additional spending for a ‘Kidditional’ child sees £347 extra a year spent on groceries, £383 extra on home entertainment and £444 extra on days out.

“While many families are trying to cut back on spending, some may not realise the amounts involved when entertaining their kids’ friends. The cost of hosting just one kiddition, once a month, over the course of a child’s school life can be the equivalent to five luxury family holidays,” said Dan Rubel, from Woolworths.co.uk.

“Parents simply need to think more creatively about what they are spending when Kidditions come to stay. Think old-fashioned board games, family favourite DVDs Karaoke and art, where you can recycle household items,” Dan added.

Do you feel the financial strain of having guests?

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