Misguided or a lovely gesture – what do you think of this Father’s Day card for mums?

Was this a good idea or an awkward misjudgement?


With Father’s Day this coming Sunday, there’s every type of card you can imagine, from the funny to the sentimental to the stereotypical.


But this one is different – a Father’s Day card for mums.

Father's Day card for mums
The cover says: “To the mum who can do it all. Happy Father’s Day.”

And inside it reads: “Thank you for being doubly amazing! With all my love.”

The card was designed to be given to mums on Father’s Day – with the sentiment behind it being there are millions of mums taking on both parenting roles in millions of households.

It was sold by Clintons card store for Father’s Day in 2017 and it’s still available to view on their retail website but witth no opportunity to buy it any more.

So what do you think? Is it a lovely idea for a single mum or does it imply that there are ‘mum roles’ and ‘dad roles’ – and isn’t that idea a bit dated?

Do we really need to have the mum/dad stereotype split? And can’t mums ‘do it all’ simply by being mums? And dads ‘do it all’ simply by being mums?

Pic: Cintons Retail

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