There are loads of things you – and your kids – can do to make Father's Day properly special. Of course, there are always some great gifts to buy but we reckon what many dads treasure most is something simple but thoughtful – and made with love.


So, if you're looking for gifts with a more personal, homemade touch, we've got some great ideas from mums on our our Facebook page about what they've done in previous years to make Dad feel like he's having a really special day. Take a look.

6 thoughtful Father's Day gifts for dads...

1. Home-baked food


Simple, but oh-so appreciated by many men: why not help your child make some cookies, cakes or a special lunch?

"My little ones made a huge cookie, the size of a large pizza (!) for their daddy," Kayleigh A on Facebook told us. "They iced it themselves and put their initials on it. It was very tasty and their daddy loved it!"

Another of our mums, Danni68, said: “We made my partner a multi-layered cake using all his favourite sweet flavours! We had a double whammy of chocolate, chocolate buttons and marshmallows.

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"It looked a mess, but the effort we put in was appreciated when he sat down and polished the lot with his cup of tea!”

5MF pizza for Father's Day
Pic: 5 Minute Fun

2. A handmade card


A card really can mean just as much as a gift, when you've taken the time to sit down with your little one and make one for Dad.

Kat G on Facebook has a plan for Father's Day this year: "We were in a right baby fuzz last Father’s Day and I can’t remember what I got him ? This year, I’m going to paper-cut 'DADDY' out of card, and let Alfie paint the letters, then mount them onto backing and frame it."

3. A chocolate letter

Not heard of one of these? Neither had we until a couple of mums on Facebook shared some pics. Basically it's a letter with words substituted for chocolate bars – for example, "This Father's Day, we thought you might like to take a little Time Out. Flake out on the sofa and watch the football..." Cool, huh?!


Michelle B found this was a big success with her children and their dad. "My daughter did this for here dad last year! It was a total winner!"

And Charlie F, who posted the picture above, said, "The girls loved making this for Daddy!"

4. A lie-in / some sleep

Dad lying in bed Father's day
Pic: Getty Images

It's definitely the simple things that win dads over - and a bit of undisturbed shut-eye will almost certainly get a thumbs up from any worn -ut dad out there.

"Daddy will be home this year (previously he's often ended up working away for Father's Day) so we will definitely let him have a well earned lie-in," says Sarah D on Facebook.

5. A Dad space sign

Pic: Getty Images

If Dad is lucky enough to have has his own space – perhaps the shed, office or spare room or maybe even just his own chair – why not make sure he knows you all know it's his private space by giving him a cute little sign that confirms it's for him alone?

"When we discovered we were pregnant with our first after 1.5 years of trying, I bought my husband a 'dad's shed' sign for Father's Day," says Claire D, maybe anticipating that her partner might enjoy some alone time every now and then...

6. A day that's just for him

Dad day out on Father's Day
Pic: Getty Images

If you don't have the room to let Dad have his very own space, why not gift him a day where he gets to choose exactly what he wants to do instead?

Be it a family day in the park, staying in watching movies and eating pizza – or anything else he loves. He might just really appreciate setting the day's agenda.

Sarah D says: "We got him to choose our Sunday activity. Sundays often involve early starts and horse shows in our household so I think that's the best gift we could give him."




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