Legoland for 5 to 9-year-olds – best rides and queue tips

Which rides are the best, how to beat the queues and make the most of your day at Legoland Windsor with primary schoolers


Legoland Windsor is, quite simply, made for 5 to 9 year olds. There are over 55 interactive rides, live shows, workshops and other attractions – and 80 million Lego bricks (and counting!)


It’s impossible to do everything in one day, unless it’s unusually quiet with no queues. So we’ve picked our 10 best tried and tested Legoland highlights for 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 year olds.

Queues are the enemy at Legoland – at very busy times, they’re long enough to make some parents even regret coming. So planning is key! Read our recommendations, including ways to beat the queues, and use the Legoland website to familiarise your self with the layout and where you’ll be heading. Have a brilliant day!

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1 Lego City Driving School – Lego City

Where is it: Traffic in Lego City

What is it: This is one of the most popular rides throughout the whole theme park. Unusually it puts the kids in charge – they are fully in control of a motorised car, driving around a fairly large road system.

Why it’s great: After watching a short road safety video, kids get to run to their chosen car and then navigate roundabouts, traffic lights and other drivers! At the end of the experience they earn their own Legoland Drivers Licence.

Peak queues: As one of the most popular rides, it also has one of the longest queues. At peak times, waiting times can go well beyond the hour mark. If you want to do this ride, make it your first stop of the day.

Suitable for: 6-13 year olds

MFM tip: The staff can be quite strict on age for this ride, so don’t queue up hoping that a nice smile at the ride attendant will get your 5 year old in. We’ve seen several upset youngsters turned away. However, we also think the Legoland website is being a bit OTT when it warns parents to bring photographic identification (such as a photocopy of a valid passport) to ensure minimum age requirements are met. In fact, when we asked Legoland, we were told it’s unlikely you’d be asked for your child’s ID as all rides are guided by height or other requirements. May be worth thinking about only if your child looks very young for their age.

2 Mia’s Riding Adventure

Where is it: Heartlake City

What is it: New for 2015, it’s a horse-inspired spinning disk ride (a bit like whirly, short rollercoaster).

Why it’s great: This new ride in Heartlake City may seem girly with its cute horseriding theme, but it is not for the faint hearted! Astride your chosen steed, you spin round as you are swung higher and higher.

Peak queues: Like the rest of the park, it can be very busy, especially as it’s a new ride this year. We found we waited 20 mins for a ride.

Suitable for: Children must be a minimum of 1.2m to ride, and we’d suggest ages 7+.

MFM tip: Great for thrill seekers, oh, and parents.

3 The Dragon

Where is it: Knight’s Kingdom

What is it:  An indoor and outdoor rollercoaster

Why it’s great: This is a ride of two halves. First you get a fun, fast trip within the Knight’s Kingdom Castle. You’ll encounter many animated medieval lego figures including the fearsome Red Dragon! Then the ride speeds up, heading outside for a breathtakingly fast circuit of a twisty track.

Peak queues: It’s a must-do experience with older kids, so be prepared to queue, as it can get very busy.

Suitable for: Kids must be at least 0.9m to ride, and you’ll need to accompany any children under 1.3m. It’s a real rollercoaster, so fine for brave 6 years+ but you may want to wait a little longer if your child is cautious.

MFM tip: Although the queue line takes you through the castle ramparts, with Lego models to look at, it can be a long, winding line. However, there are usually two dragons running at any one time and they pack a big group of people in each time, so the queue will move relatively quickly. The only thing that will really slow it down is if there are lots of Q-bot holders, who get to jump the queue. If the queue is spilling out in the courtyard, come back towards the end of the day when it’s quieter.

4 Pirate Falls Treasure Quest

Where is it: Pirate Shores

What is it: A very wet, but exhilarating boat ride and drop

Why it’s great: The first part is a gentle trip past Lego pirates and skulduggery, which occasionally squirt a jet of water at you. And then the chains crank you up a long slope before dashing you down into an enormous splash pool.

Peak queues: Long queues for this very popular ride and it’s only 4 people in a boat. Don’t be misled by the compact nature of the queue, it snakes around a small space. You can get a Q-Bot for this ride, which can slow things up even more if you’re in the queue.

Suitable for: Your child will need to be a minimum of 1m tall for this ride, and you’ll need to be in the boat with them why wouldn’t you?) if they’re under 1.3m.

MFM tip: You will get wet, but the wettest place to sit is the front. Take it from a seasoned Pirate Falls-er, sit at the back and duck your head as you hit the water for a smaller splash. If the weather’s cold and grey, avoid wet clothes misery by buying the delightful yellow Legoland ponchos.

5 Jolly Rocker

Where is it: Pirate Shores

What is it: A rocking ride that’ll more than likely be your child’s introduction to a ‘proper adult’ theme park ride experience.

Why it’s great: It is a thriller, better for brave buccaneers, but once you have a ride you’ll want to go on it again and again.  We went on it three times!

Peak queues: As it’s for older kids, you might find the queue isn’t as bad as some of the other rides, but you’ll likely wait a little.

Suitable for: From 8+, kids under the heights of 1m and 1.3m have to ride with an adult.

MFM tip:  It’s best if you sit nearer to the centre of the boat and adults have to sit at the side.  If you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart problems, neck problems, back problems or broken limbs, this is not the ride for you!

6 Vikings’ River Splash

Where is it: Land of the Vikings

What is it: A fast-running, squirt-filled water ride, which twists you round in your own Viking vessel

Why it’s great: It’s great fun and one you can share with the whole family – as each boat takes about 12 people. You can take 2 children with each adult

Peak queues: The queues are long, but with lots of people in each boat, the queue does keep moving

Suitable for: You need to be over 1.0 metres to ride this. It does get a bit bumpy at times, so to get the most out of it it’s best for 6 years+

MFM tip: You are going to get wet – so you may want to invest in the lovely yellow Legoland ponchos

7 Ninjago The Ride

Where is it: Ninjago World

What is it: An indoor 4D laser game, set in a skeleton and serpent-infested Japanese ninja landscape

Why it’s great: It’s brand new and uses effects like heat and wind, plus sensor technology to use your hands to shoot lasers at enemies, so you’re concentrating on scoring as many points as you can – and beating the rest of your family. Ninjago fans will love battling alongside their ninja favourites to beat the baddies.

Watch our video interview with 5-year-old Rafi on why he loved Ninjago The Ride:

Peak queues: Can be very long, so best to go at quieter times at the end of the day or at the very beginning

Suitable for: There’s no height restriction, except that those under 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult and riders need to have good upper body control, plus it’s quite scary, so best for over 3s

MFM tip: Be aware this ride is dark and can be frightening. If your children are very competitive, they’ll probably pester for a rematch – but you’ll need to rejoin the queue

8 Live show – Lego Friends To The Rescue/Pirates Of Skeleton Bay Stunt Show

Where is it: HeartlakeCity

What is it: A choice of live shows: one is based on Lego friends (which is a TV cartoon as well as a Lego brand), the other is a pirate action adventure. They play several times daily in the harbour area.

Why it’s great: Lego Friends To The Rescue features dancing, water-works (entertainment rather than tears) and LEGO dolphins. Pirates of SkeletonBay offers acrobatics, jet ski chases and high tower stunts.

Peak queues: There aren’t any queues, but at peak times you’ll need to get there around 15 minutes before the start to bag a good spot with a view. If you want to get really involved, look for the water squirter pumps on the right hand side of the action (as you look towards the water tower).

Suitable for: All ages

MFM tip: The Lego Friends show is quite girly, and my eldest daughter didn’t really enjoy it as she wasn’t keen on the singing. The Pirate Show should suit all tastes.

9 Raft Racers

Where is it: DuploValley

What is it: Two water slides

Why it’s great: These are fairly fast-paced water slides, which each take two people in a dinghy: either two children or an adult and a child. It’s definitely got a high thrill factor (at its fastest it goes up to 35mph), so it’s for bravelings. Best for warm days as you’ll get very wet!

Peak queues: It can become extremely busy with long waiting times, as the queue moves slowly.

Suitable for: Children need to be over 1.3m to go on their own in a dinghy. Those under 1.3m need you to go with them – oh lucky days.

MFM tip:  You will get soaked on this ride, so think about buying a Legoland poncho or bringing spare clothes if it’s a cold or wet day. You don’t want to be spending money standing in a dryer if you can help it.

10 Imagination Theatre

Where is it: Imagination Centre

What is it: A free ‘4D’ cinema, which means you watch 3D films with added water, wind and snow effects

Why it’s great: This is a great place to rest weary feet for just over 10 mins or shelter from the rain – and experience some amazing Lego film action, which is entertaining enough for you as well as your children. In 2015, you can choose from:

  • Legends of Chima 4D Movie – animal warriors flying around
  • LEGO City A Clutch Powers 4D Adventure – Lego hero Clutch Powers dashes across LegoCity
  • Spellbreaker 4D Movie – it’s a blacksmith against a skeleton army
  • LEGO Racers 4D movie – a fun race experience

Peak queues: There are lots of performances throughout the day. At peak times, just make sure you’re there 15 minutes before the film starts

Suitable for: Even young ones, once they can sit comfortably through a 12 minute film

MFM tip: You’ll be warned at the beginning which seats are likely to get you wet – if you want to enjoy some sprinkling, sit in the middle

Other attractions and rides that are good for 5yrs+

  • Fire Academy – lots of water pumping required – long and slow queues
  • Squid Surfer – another very wet ride – perfect for hot days
  • Atlantis – a sea-life ride in a Lego-style submarine – very long queues so go at the beginning or end of the day
  • Star Wars – amazing Lego creations, which will be a massive hit for (Lego) Star Wars fans
  • Spinning Spider – twisting barrel ride – can get pretty fast so don’t go on straight after eating
  • Knight’s Quest – surprisingly fast and queue moves fairly quickly
  • Fairy Tale Brook – love this, even though it’s for a young audience – a gentle but oh-so-clever nursery tale boat ride
  • Ninjago Training Academy – activities in Ninjago World that include a climbing wall

No queuing required – hurrah!

  • Miniland – Don’t walk past this – it’s a breathtaking series of cities and scenes built from Lego bricks. Wonderful
  • Loki’s labrynth – A maze for your children to get lost in
  • Castaway Camp – A perfect way to run off energy after queuing
  • Drench Towers – Bring a swimsuit and towel for a big splash area

If you’re short of time, give these a miss

  • Coastguard HQ – it’s a great ride, but the queues are massive…
  • Hill train – not a ride, just a means of transportation
  • Dino Safari – very basic and slow, not entertaining enough for older kids
  • Dragon’s Apprentice – very, very slow queue for a short ride – better to queue for The Dragon
  • Sky rider – Long queues for one of the first rides you encounter. It’s very basic and there’s so much better within the park

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