Fatty foods can spark asthma attacks

Meals with high fat content can also make asthma medicines less effective


Children with asthma are being advised to avoid eating too much fatty food after research shows a fat-laden diet can trigger an attack.


Scientists revealed that a high-fat meal, such as a greasy burger, can actually inflame the airways of asthma sufferers. The saturated fatty acids trigger a reaction from the cells in the airways, and they react as if being attacked by a foreign germ – becoming inflamed.

Not only this, researchers also found that the fatty food actually decreased the effectiveness of the asthma medicine, Ventolin, too – so it’s a double whammy.

The study looked at two groups: one who ate burgers and hash browns (52% of the 1000 calories were from fat) while the other half ate 200-calorie yogurt (13% fat).


Although the research is in its early days, the scientists concluded that reducing fat in the diet may help to manage asthma.

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