Fearne Cotton’s face-palm parenting moment is *too* relatable

Ohhh, we've been there. We've been there ???


We reckon most of us have been there: part-crying laughing, part-shocked, part-mortified and part-seriously impressed by our kids’ timing.


And now, we can safely say that the lovely Fearne Cotton has been there too, thanks to 2-year-old daughter Honey’s, erm, outburst, at older bro Rex’s school play.

We’ll let Fearne tell you what happened:

“I have just laughed so hard I cried. Proper wild and uncontrollable giggling,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

“During Rex’s school play, there was a perfect moment of silence.

“Honey, who was sat watching with us in the audience, filled this gap with a very loud and gutsy fart.

honey wood

“Howling! Howling laughter! ??”


We don’t know that we need to add anything else, really, other than: how could you NOT see the funny side in that?

Definitely one to mention on her 18th, Fearne ?

Image: Instagram/Fearne Cotton

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