Feed babies lumpy food by 10 months, Scottish mums told

New Scottish health advice warns not to leave it too late before introducing lumps


The Scottish Government is to advise mums to make sure they’re giving their baby lumpy food by the age of 10 months.


In a new infant strategy, the policy draws on evidence that suggests babies who are given lumpy food after 10 months are more likely to become fussy eaters. They are also more likely to have strong likes and dislikes about food at the age of seven.

Although a similar government policy doesn’t exist across the rest of the UK, mums are advised to introduce lumpy textures early on in weaning. Read our advice on when to introduce which foods and textures at 7-9 months and 10-12 months. [link]


Breastfeeding remains core to the infant feeding strategy and in fact in 2005, Scotland became one of only a handful of countries that legally protects women who want to breastfeed in public places. However, breastfeeding rates in Scotland remain relatively low.

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