There’s no question that 2017’s been a rollercoaster year for Ferne McCann…


And the year is coming to a close with Ferne settling into the first few weeks of motherhood. Her daughter Sunday was born on 2 November 2017.

But the star, in an interview with The Sunday Mirror, has revealed it hasn’t all been peaches and cream since Sunday’s arrival.

Though her baby girl’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her, she also admitted:

"You find out you are pregnant, you are so excited but then your whole life is turned upside down,” she explained. “It was absolute hell and it is hell."

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"There is not a day goes by that I haven't cried. It's for so many reasons, it's because I'm scared, I feel lonely, I feel s***, I feel sad.”


27-year-old Ferne’s journey to motherhood hasn’t been an easy one, and we can certainly understand why it might’ve felt lonely at times.

It’s all played out very publicly that her baby’s father, Arthur Collins, was found guilty of perpetrating a horrific acid attack outside an east London nightclub, back in April.

But while her situation is unique, we just want to say that feeling this way so soon after welcoming a baby is not uncommon at all.

It’s an overwhelming and transformative time – those first few weeks. And after the joy of bringing baby home from hospital, it’s easy to find yourself being unexpectedly hit by the so-called ‘baby blues’.

Of course, for some women, it turns out to be more than just emotion-overload, and can lead to a postnatal depression (PND) diagnosis – but we hope that’s not the case for Ferne at all, and that she’ll be feeling better in herself soon ?

After all, she’s got a cracking 2018 ahead of her. Reports say she’s recently moved in with her mum, and her itvBe reality series is underway and proving popular with fans.

Oh, and she's set to be a special guest judge at the MadeForMums Awards 2018 in Feb ?

Images: Instagram/Ferne McCann

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