Well, who can't relate to this at the mo (pregnant or not!). Mum-to-be Ferne McCann reached out to her Twitter followers as the mercury soared yesterday, and pleaded with them for advice on how to cool down in the raging heat.


"Women who are pregnant or have been pregnant in the height of the summer... help me. I am not coping with these temperatures ?☀️ any tips?" she begged.

Her 813k Twitter pals soon responded with some brill ideas.

"6 months pregnant today and ice poles have been amazing so far! A paddling pool with ice cold water is next on the list," wrote one.

Another advised: "Fill up a hot water bottle with water and put it in the freezer and take it to bed! Life saver ?" (We LOVE that one - deffo going to give it a go!).

In fact, there was quite a lot of advice we really like the sound of: "Sit in your birthday suit and do sweet nothing apart from obviously eat a full tub of ice cream," suggested one fellow mum, while another shared this ace idea:

"Buy wet wipes and freeze them then during the day put into a small container and take out to use. Also useful at night times." (Brilliant! Why didn't we think of that?).

A very grateful Ferne later tweeted her thanks for all the replies, writing that she was 'Loving all your tips...thankyou'.

And as we're all feeling pretty hot, hot, hot at the mo, let's keep this going - do you have any top cooling down ideas to share?

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Pics: Ferne McCann/Instagram

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