Suffering from morning sickness? Eating as soon as you wake up can ease pregnancy nausea.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast that’s easy to prepare. It’ll also help provide you with some of the nutrients you need while pregnant.

Nutrition expert and fitness instructor Laura Williams has some super simple breakfast tips to set up your day...

1. Boiled egg with wholemeal bread soldiers

egg soldiers

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Make sure your egg is well cooked – both the white and the yolk should be solid. Enjoy with some vitamin B-rich wholemeal bread.

This combination of protein and carbohydrates should keep you going all morning.

2. Oatcakes and fruit


For a quick fix, spread three or four oatcakes with nut butter (opt for almond or cashew) and top with sliced banana.

This high fibre breakfast is also dense in complex carbohydrates – the ‘good’ carbs that keep you going for longer.

3. Porridge


Make with jumbo oats that will really sustain you, and mix in chopped nuts, a handful of seeds and chopped fruit such as dates and apples.

This high fibre breakfast contains protein too, which will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

4. Fruity brioche


Toast a slice of brioche (a soft, sweet bread) and spread with a dessertspoon of low-fat Greek-style yoghurt. Then arrange some sliced figs on top for a really luxurious breakfast that’s high in the essential minerals calcium and potassium.

If you've got a bit more time, Charlotte Morgan, olive magazine's web editor, food expert and morning sickness-sufferer, recommends give one of these a try...

5. Breakfast Rhubarb

Olive rhubarb breakfast recipe

Yoghurt or porridge served with fresh fruit - yum! Get olive's full Breakfast Rhubarb recipe here.

6. Breakfast Cookies

olive breakfast cookies

"Personally, I craved sweet stuff from the early stages of pregnancy above anything else – and it’s the only type of food I can handle, when I have morning sickness," Charlotte admits.

These fibre-filled treats seem like a good (fairly healthy) place to start for cookie-cravers! Get olive's full Breakfast Cookies recipe here.

7. Cinnamon Bun

olive cinnamon bun

The ultimate treat for when only a sweet breakfast will do! Get olive's full Cinnamon Bun recipe here.

8. Two-Tone Freezer Smoothie

olive two tone freezer smoothie

Charlotte adds: "When it was really bad early on, I couldn’t even face solids. So instead I used to pick up smoothies on the go… but had there been time, I would have preferred to whip up my own."

Get olive's full Two Tone Freezer Smoothie recipe here.

9. Banana and Almond Milk Smoothie

banana and almond milk olive smoothie

Get olive's full Almond Milk Smoothie recipe here.

10. Healthy Coconut Smoothie

coconut smoothie

This bright yellow smoothie is packed with mango, pineapple, banana and coconut water. Get olive's full Healthy Coconut Smoothie recipe here.

11. Glazed Apricot Breakfast Bread

olive apricot bread

"Nothing like a bit of stodge to get rid of morning sickness in the first trimester," Charlotte says. "My midwife called it the 'carbohydrate phase'!"

Get olive's full Glazed Apricot Breakfast Bread recipe here.

12. Banana Breakfast Loaf

olive banana bread loaf

This one contains pecans and wholemeal flour - and it sure is filling (and you can snack on the rest later).

Get olive's full Banana Bread Loaf recipe here.

13. Muesli Loaf

muesli loaf olive

Oats, coconut, nuts and fruit make this filling loaf an ideal way to kickstart your day (while trying to keep morning vomit at bay). Get olive's full Muesli Loaf recipe here.

14. Breakfast Muffins


An ideal breakfast/snack option, filled with dried fruit, seeds and banana. Get olive's full Breakfast Muffins recipe here.

15. Grilled Avocado Halves with Harissa, Hummus and Tahini Yoghurt

olive grilled avocado recipe

This recipe definitely requires a bit of prep time, but if you're a fan of avocado, we reckon it's worth it. Get olive's full Grilled Avocado Halves right here.

16. Marmite Bagel

marmite bagel

"Just as I crave sweet stuff, loads of other pregnant women are the same with salty food," Charlotte adds.

"An emergency packet of crisps is great for relieving morning sickness, as are super salty foods like Marmite."

Get olive's full Marmite Bagel recipe here.

17. Roasted Tomatoes and Avocado on Toast

avocado toast olive recipe

You can keep this avo-on-toast upgrade as simple or as fancy as you like - but we reckon it makes a nice salt craving-satiating weekend brekkie either way.

Get olive's full Avocado Toast recipe here.

18. Cheesy Marmite Croissants

marmite croissants olive

You'll either love or hate this one... get olive's full Cheesy Marmite Croissant recipe here.

Extra tip: Easy ways to get your 5-a-day

  • Just choose the ingredients (try a banana, raspberries and 200ml skimmed milk) and let your blender do the work.
  • What could be easier than beans on toast! But check the salt content, as it can be high.
  • Dried fruit counts too – try adding apricots, prunes or figs to cereal.
  • Frozen veggies can actually retain their nutrients better than fresh. Throw a handful of peas into pasta a few minutes before it’s cooked.

One MFM mum's advice...

“I must confess that in the past I never ate breakfast but since I got pregnant I just know that if I leave the house without eating, I’ll feel really quite sick by the time I get to the office.

"After trying various things, even a cooked breakfast, I’ve found the only things which keep me going until an early lunch are porridge or honey on toast. Not even jam on toast will do it for me, it has to be honey!” - Lula, 27, 7 months pregnant

Images: Top 4 stock photos, rest via Olive magazine

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