She’s weeks away from giving birth to her 1st child – due in mid November 2017.


So, reality star Ferne McCann’s gearing up for 1st time motherhood emotionally and physically – she’s even changed up her hair extensions for a shorter, more practical do and a darker, more manageable colour.

But despite the fact her baby’s father is not in the picture (her ex-boyfriend, Arthur Collins, is currently on trial for an East London acid attack), Ferne confessed to OK! that she doesn’t want anyone to think of her as a single mum when the time comes.

In fact, she went as far to say that she doesn’t like the term at all.

‘I don’t like the term single mum and I don’t want to be addressed as that because I don’t think you should be labelled,” she explained.

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"To me, I’m going to be a mum like anyone else, but just in a different situation. It shouldn’t define you.”

She also admitted that she’s come to terms with her solo motherhood journey, and not having her baby’s father at the birth…

“I don’t think about that now because my mum is my birthing partner. I don’t dwell on how different it could have been.

“They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and it really is true. I feel like I’ve developed a new armour this year.”

Ferne’s certainly been through a lot since her pregnancy was announced back in April, and she’s come back fighting. And glowing, too, in every single bump update, we might add.

But we do wonder: is she alone in how she feels about the term ‘single mum’?

Or do you think of it as a defining title, one to be proud of? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or over on Facebook!

Images: Instagram/Ferne McCann

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