Ferne McCann changes her mind about the term ‘single parent’: “I take great pride in it”

After admitting she wasn't a fan of the term during her pregnancy, 3 months on, Ferne's wearing the title as a badge of honour...


You know by now that we’re big Ferne McCann fans here at MFM HQ ?


So, you can imagine we had loads to chat about when we caught up with her at our recent MadeForMums Awards judging day ?

One thing that really struck us was how Ferne, who (along with literally everyone else in the room) spent SO much time doting on her gorgeous 2-month-old baby Sunday, has totally embraced her status as a ‘single mum’.

She’d previously confessed during her pregnancy that she didn’t want to be ‘labelled’ as a single mum, because she didn’t want it to “define her.”

“I’m going to be a mum like anyone else, just in a different situation,” she told OK! at the time.

Now, with 3 months of new mum experience behind her, she’s singing a totally different tune. We gotta admit we’re so glad to hear it ?

“I am a single parent,” Ferne told MFM. “Funnily enough, I didn’t like that term when I was pregnant and had just given birth.

“But actually, I am a single parent. I’m doing this on my own and I take great pride in that.

“I’m just obsessed with her. She’s my healthy obsession.”

Ferne also confessed that dirty nappies and sleepless nights haven’t been the biggest surprise of parenthood, so far.

For her, the shock of the last 3 months has been just how well she’s taken to her new role as Sunday’s mum.

“It’s kind of weird because nothing’s been a surprise to me,” she shared. “I’ve just gone with it, literally, gone with it, and completely embraced becoming a mum.

“Nothing has really surprised me and that’s been the biggest surprise. Does that make sense?”

(Oh yeahhhh, we totally get that ? )

“I thought I would be like, ‘OMG this is really daunting’ and feeling incredibly overwhelmed, and thinking, ‘I can’t believe this baby’s mine’ and ‘what do I do next?’

“Because before Sunday, I’d never changed a nappy. Actually, it was the opposite, and that’s been the biggest surprise.

“I love being a mum. Everyone keeps saying to me, ‘You’ve taken to it like a duck to water’, which just surprises me because I was never overly maternal – until now!”


Image: Gary Moyes Photography

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