First look at innovative new British buggy!

Still in development, MFM has been given an exclusive sneak peek of the Migration, a lightweight 3-wheeler buggy from Ruk-bug


Brace yourselves – we want to tell you about a buggy that’s so sparkling-new it’s not even being manufactured yet!


Called the Migration, the prototype of this buggy is due to be shown to the media next week, at one of the UK’s most important baby trade shows, Harrogate Nursery Fair. But we’re excited to say, we’ve been given an exclusive first-look at early-bird images and specs.

The snaps we’re allowed to share with you show the buggy in earlier stages of development. Unlike the shots here, the Migration will feature a hood, and the seat position will be a little different, as it’s now been developed to be suitable from birth. The phone dock on the handle (as seen in the main image) has also been removed from the design. After coming across reports of people stealing phones on display, the decision was this could be a vulnerable point, so it was scrapped.

So aside from being a 3-wheeler you can use with a newborn, what exactly will the Migration offer? Well, we’re told it will weigh just 7kg but be robust enough to tackle town and country. We’re most excited about the promise of a one-handed fold, anti-tip frame and puncture-proof tyres. The ability to fold it and carry it on your back, leaving your hands free to round up children, also has us nodding our heads. And we’ve heard it will have a rucksack/changing bag that can be detached.

Now to the name behind this interesting newbie, Ruk-bug. Ruk-bug is the creation of Russell Clifton, and after hearing the pushchair’s claims, we weren’t surprised to find he’s a dad-of-two. Apparently, the Migration idea came to life after several frustrating situations with his daughter’s buggy. Russell’s first Migration model was made from pipe cleaners and lollipop sticks one weekend. If only our own craft afternoons were this productive.

There’s no word of price as yet, but rumour has it the Migration could be on-sale in September this year. The plan is for the buggy to be released in black and silver as well as burgundy and cream colourways, with other possible colour combos being looked into.


We can’t wait to see it in the flesh next week, but want to hear what you think of this yet-to-be-released buggy…

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