You may not have heard about Venicci before, but the Italian buggy maker is currently taking the UK market by storm.


The brand makes one pushchair, the Gusto, but it comes in various different versions; the Soft Edition, Special Edition and Prestige Edition.

What’s the difference between these editions?

The main difference is the fabric and frame colours. The Soft Editions tent to have a more every-day look about them, with plain fabric and colours. Whereas the Prestige Edition Gustos have shiny metallic frames and some have quilted fabrics.

Other than that, they are the same size, weight and have the same age stabilities and fold dimensions.


So what’s it like?

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Venicci Gusto is the look of the buggy. It’s a continental-style buggy that’s reminiscent of the more traditional c-carriage pushchairs. A substantial, robust and relatively easy-to-fold pushchair, the Gusto is great on bumpy terrain, due to its large wheels and very noticeable suspension.

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Is the Venicci Gusto travel system compatible?

Yes, it’s a travel system the Gusto comes with Venicci’s infant car seat, that fits in your car using a seat belt. You can also buy an additional ISOFIX base for the car seat for £129.

And it can be used with Maxi-Cosi infant car seats like the Pebble, Rock and Cabriofix infant carriers with additional adaptors (£26).

Is it comfortable?

The Gusto comes with a firm, flat bottom and well-padded carrycot for use from birth.

It also has a padded seat, which can be used with a child from 6 months to 15kg (around 3 years).


How does the Venicci Gusto fold?

When folded the Gusto measure 82cmx51cmx28cm, which is comparable to the Mee-Go Milano and this is ow you fold it:

  1. Put on brake
  2. Pull up on catches at sides of carrycot or seat unit
  3. Lift off carrycot or seat unit
  4. Fold down handlebar
  5. Place fingers under catches on each side of frame by handlebar
  6. Pull up on both catches
  7. Push chassis forwards to fold in on itself

Like most buggies, there's a fair bit of practice at first, but you’ll get the hang of it really quickly.

You can see a demo of the fold in the video below, skip to 1:16 to see it in action.

How heavy is the Venicci Gusto?

The max weight of the Gusto is 13.8kg, which is on the heavy side. It’s not a light buggy by any stretch, but the weight does add to its robustness.

How much is the Venicci Gusto travel system?

Price-wise the Venicci Gusto starts from £499 and goes up to £799 depending on the style edition.

You can add lots of extras, like the car seat base (£129), changing bag (25) and parasol (£25).

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