After a long pregnancy for the overdue Spice Girl, Mel B has finally revealed her little bundle of joy! 20 days after giving birth to a baby girl, the former Scary Spice has shared her birthing secrets and how they finally decided to name their daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte.


"Madison was ten days late and the last four weeks were so uncomfortable. She was pressing on a nerve so I couldn't walk properly and had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I understand now why some women say, 'I'm over this pregnancy.' I was never like that before - both Phoenix and Angel arrived six weeks early. I'm just pleased that she's out," the singer said in Hello! magazine.

And after admitting before the birth that her birthing partner and hubby Steven Belafonte was going to be "a complete nightmare" in the delivery room, it turned out that all Mel B needed was a few jokes to make her delivery straightforward!

"Stephen and Phoenix kept winding each other up and daring each other to look at the head. I was laughing so much I didn't really push; five big chuckles and she was out," Mel said.

After their daughter arrived, weighing 6lb 2oz, Mel B handed over the naming to her eldest daughter, Phoenix, 12, and not her Twitter followers whom she had previously asked for inspiration.

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"I knew how much it would mean to her and she was so excited. She originally named her Skylar, but then changed her mind and came up with Madison," said Mel B.

The 36-year-old also revealed that if naming Madison had been down to Stephen, their baby girl would have a 'boring name'.

"Stephen had some really boring names like Tim, Chloe, Sam, Sarah. You can't have 'Angel, Phoenix, boring name,'" the singer joked.

We think she's very brave! Though according to Mel, Phoenix is "very practical and responsible" so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. Would you let your child name their sibling?

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