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First review of the brand-new Cybex SENSORSAFE car seat safety system

It’s the first monitoring system for Cybex i-Size infant and child car seats that comes with a temperature warning and alerts parents if they leave kids in the car

Published: October 9, 2018 at 12:09 pm

Every year baby and child products seem to get smarter and generally, it’s for good reason; safety. Take the Cybex SENSORSAFE car seat system, it consists of a smart chest clip that attaches to the car seat harness and is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth app.


What does the Cybex SENSORSAFE car seat safety system do?

When the chest clip is done-up, it will alert parents if it, or the harness becomes undone.

The clip also continuously measures the temperature inside the car and alerts the driver if the surrounding temperature of the child is too hot or too cold.


Also, if the driver of the car leaves the vehicle and the car seat is still buckled with a child inside the SENSORSAFE app sends a notification to the parent's phone to let them know the baby is still in the car.

If nothing changes after five minutes, the app will send a notification to the emergency next of kin, letting them know the baby has been left in the car and where the car is.

What age is the Cybex SENSORSAFE car seat safety system suitable for?

The clip comes with the new range of Cybex and GB i-Size car seats, so it can be used from birth until children no longer use a harness, which is around 4 years.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the car seat you buy, but expect it to cost at least £300 for a car seat.

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