First sneaky peek of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s baby!

The daughter of Scooby Doo co-stars Sarah and Freddie Prinze Jr has been snapped!

For the first time ever, the face of Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr’s baby girl has been photographed, albeit rather sneakily.


Before now, SMG’s 6-month-old Charlotte has always been photographed with her face obscured as she snuggles into her celebrity mum, reports the Daily Mail.


Baby Charlotte was snapped in her buggy, heading off with her mum and friend to a park in LA, after they took a trip to an organic food store. Mum Michelle, 32, stopped at a petrol station later to fill up her car before heading home. Finally, a celebrity mum spending the day like us mere mortals! Well, maybe if the organic food shop trip was replaced with a mission to the nearest supermarket!

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