First woman to win Professional’s Masterchef thanks pregnancy

Claire Lara, the first female winner of Masterchef: The Professionals has attributed her success to heightened senses caused by her pregnancy


Claire Lara, Masterchef’s first professional female winner, has explained how pregnancy gave her an advantage over the male finalists.


“I think being pregnant gave me an advantage,” Claire said. “It heightened my sense of smell and taste,” said the chef.

Claire didn’t know she was pregnant at the time and put her early symptoms down to stress from the show. But she wasn’t the only one being sick! Nervous rival David was also making regularly dashes to the bathroom! “I felt so sick and was vomiting each day but I put it down to stress on the show as David was feeling the same,” Claire explained. “But obviously, he wasn’t pregnant!”

Claire is the first woman to win the professional version of the popular BBC cookery contest. She has already been offered a job by judge Michel Roux Jnr and hopes her success will inspire other young girls to be great chefs.

“It feels brilliant, but at the time I didn’t know I was the first female winner. Men have definitely dominated. I feel quite proud. Hopefully other young female chefs will be inspired to go on,” Claire said after her win.  “It’s a really tough industry and not female-friendly. You’ve got to be very thick-skinned.”


Claire is expecting a baby boy with her fellow chef partner. Weaning will be a treat in their house!

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