Fish – the new super food for your baby?

A baby diet high in fish could reduce your baby’s chance of wheezing by up to half, says new research


Babies who eat a diet high in fish have been found to be less likely to suffer from wheezing as children.


A Swedish study looked at 4,171 children who had three or more episodes of wheezing in a year, from randomly selected families. Their health was checked at 6 months, 12 months and 4 ½ years.

“Recurrent wheeze is a very common clinical problem in preschool children and there is a need for better medical treatment and improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms,” said lead author Dr Emma Goksor.

The study found that feeding babies fish before they were 9 months old halved their likelihood of suffering from a recurrent wheeze by the time they reached 4 ½.

The study also questioned parents about medications given to their babies. The study suggests that antibiotics in the first week of life led to an increased risk of wheezing and taking paracetamol in pregnancy also carried an increased risk of breathing difficulties and asthma.

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