Fitness DVDs: Tried and Tested

Have you given up your New Year's resolution already? If so, get fit from the comfort of your living room with MFM's pick of the best fitness DVDs!


Work it baby!

We all have the best intentions when the New Year kicks in. Eat healthily, be a better person, get a promotion… However, what most people vow to do is lose weight and get fit.


OK, so we’re now 2 months into 2010 and have you kept your New Year’s resolution? If you have given into the comfort of the sofa and your gym pass is gathering dust, fear not as we’ve found the perfect solution!

We’ve tried and tested the best work-out DVDs so that you can exercise from the comfort of your own living room. You can sweat, dance, and sing to your heart’s content (just remember to draw the curtains…)

And whether you like to be a dance diva, dabble in yoga inspired routines, love to jiggle or like the flexi those muscles – we have it covered.

Check out our pick of the best work-out DVDs here…


Camilla’s Cardio Workout, £12.98

Ease of Following: 7

Enjoyment Factor: 8

Quality of Music: 6

Sweat Factor: 8

Overall Total: 7.25/10

MFM’s verdict: Easy to follow and great fun. We like the fact that you could follow Camilla with ease and that it’s user friendly to those who aren’t super fit. Just allow yourself a fair bit of space in your living room!


Coleen Nolan’s Let’s Get Physical, £8.98

Ease of Following: 8

Enjoyment Factor: 7

Quality of Music: 9

Sweat Factor: 8

Overall Total: 8/10


MFM’s verdict: If you’re a fan of ’80s music, you’ll really enjoy this (plus there are hot men to gawp at too!) Emphasis on enjoyment and body confidence rather than extreme weight loss which is appealing and eases the pressure. Split into 4 workouts, so you can dip in and out really easily.


Davina Fit, £12.98

Ease of Following: 9

Enjoyment Factor: 6

Quality of Music: 3

Sweat Factor: 8

Overall Total: 6.5/10

MFM’s verdict: The music isn’t very upbeat and there’s a lot of messing about in between routines. However, there’s a good range of exercises and a yoga feature too. Davina is also very enthusiastic, which is good for pumping up adrenalin for tired out mums!


Cream Ibiza Workout, £9.98

Ease of Following: 3

Enjoyment Factor: 3

Quality of Music: 10

Sweat Factor: 10

Overall Total: 6.5/10

MFM’s verdict: This is definitely not for beginners and isn’t easy to keep up with! The instructor is very fast paced and the camera loves to do close ups on the pretty girls rather than on the actual exercise technique! With practice, you could get the hang of it if you stick to the fat burn, bums, leg and tums. We’d say steer clear of the dancefit and combat unless you’re a fitness pro!


Rosemary Conley’s Real Results, £8.98

Ease of Following: 6

Enjoyment Factor: 8

Quality of Music: 5

Sweat Factor: 9

Overall Total: 7/10

MFM’s verdict: The steps started off fast so it was hard to follow as a beginner! Rosemary also has a knack of saying ‘use this leg’ rather than being specific (left or right!). For an all over work out, this was good but don’t expect decent tunes to work out with, as Rosemary’s choice of music is somewhat dated… The women in the DVD were all different shapes and sizes which was appealing and it’s also got two quick 5 minute workouts for those who are pushed for time.


Jessie Wallace, Look At Me Now, £12.98

Ease of Following: 9

Enjoyment Factor: 7

Quality of Music: 7

Sweat Factor: 7


Overall Total: 7.5/10


MFM’s verdict: Enjoyable to do, althought there wasn’t really anything new and exciting in terms of routines. You also need a fair bit of space when doing Jessie’s exercises. However, it’s set at a good level for non-gym bunnies and so is easy to follow.

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