Instagram fitness guru Hannah Polites recently gave birth to her 1st child.


And like many new mums, she’s been quick to show off her bundle of joy on social media.

All was going pretty well - and fans were loving the regular snapshots of her newborn daughter Evaliah Grace - until one snapshot sent commenters into a bit of a frenzy.

Hannah received a ton of backlash over an image of her wearing a glamorous dress and looking incredible while holding her baby.

So, what’s wrong with it?

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Well, it was taken 2.5 weeks after she gave birth, and Hannah obviously hasn’t been paying the baby any attention if she looks this good. Hmmmm....

“Being a mom with a newborn should be a special bonding time. Focus on your baby, get to know her. Instead you are more focused on showing yourself off. Stop being so vain and be a mother to her,” someone wrote.

Another added: “It looks like she prefers show her body and not the baby.”

And how will the baby cope with such a heartless mother who - gasp - takes selfies with her??

“The ultimate baby prop photo,” one Instagram user wrote.

Finally, droves of commenters came out in force to say that Hannah was holding her daughter wrong.

One angry commenter said: “Looks like she's got more attention for her phone than supporting than little baby's neck#justsayin”

“You look good but please don't hold that baby like that!” added another.

Another fan chimed in: “It looks like you are going to drop bubs :(“

And these are just a few examples of what people said.

Hmmm… it seems poor Hannah can’t do anything right when it comes to this pic.

When we noticed different levels of backlash for all these different gripes, we did think: when will this mum-shaming and criticising end?

But this new mum didn’t take the negative comments lying down.

Especially since she’s actually a midwife, and as she pointed out in the edited caption:

“Calm down people, I know how to hold my baby safely and have barely left her side for more than a couple of minutes since she was born. You can bond with your child without needing to lose your identity ??”

The Daily Mail Australia were also keen to dispel the rumours that the position of the baby was dangerous. They report that Dr Andrew Pesce, former Australia Medical Association president, said while the position didn’t look ‘the most comfortable’, it also wasn’t harming the baby.

And as for the post-baby body backlash, here at MFM we’ve seen that some women just do pop back… it’s luck of the draw, but being really into fitness before your pregnancy obviously puts you at an advantage.

This isn't the first time Hannah's been on the receiving end of comments like these: she was also criticised during her pregnancy for having a small bump. Sigh.

Here's hoping she's still enjoying the first few weeks of motherhood ?

Images: Instagram/Hannah Polites

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