Five-year-old cancer sufferer sells artwork from his sick bed

Talented Aiden Reed sketches scary monster drawings in hospital – and raises £19,000 to pay medical bills!


As 5-year-old Aiden Reed, from Kansas, USA, lay in hospital having treatment for lymphoblastic leukaemia, he got creative with his pens and scribbled colourful pictures of monsters and cartoon characters.


Little did he know that his drawings would help him raise money to pay for his medical bills and make him a budding Picasso!

Aiden has managed to sell 2,500 pieces of his artwork for £7.50 each, raising a total of £19,000 to help treat his acute lymphoblastic leukemia, reports the Metro.

With two years left of treatment to go, the money raised was undoubtedly welcome and Aiden couldn’t be more grateful.


“I want to say thank you to the people who are buying my monster drawings,” Aiden said.

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