A five-year-old girl, who has not yet started school, has become the youngest person ever to pass a GCSE by gaining a C grade in maths.


Desiree Alli, from Southwark, London, prepared for the exam by playing maths games such as ‘beat the calculator’ at a specialist-tutoring centre run by a charity called Excellence in Education.

“I didn't know I was taking the exam, I thought it was a game,” Desiree told the Telegraph.

“Maths is a big game with numbers and I find it fun.

“It wasn't very difficult and I found it very easy because it was mostly questions about the difference between numbers.”

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Desiree was mentored for her exam by 9-year-old Paula Imafidon, who sat A Level maths alongside her twin brother Peter two years ago. However, even though she’s gifted at maths, Desiree was surprised to hear about her achievements.

"I'm very surprised to be the youngest ever. I'm very proud of myself but it was just a game for me.

"I spend a lot of time playing number games with friends older than me.

"I also enjoy singing with my brother and watching TV. When I'm older I would like to be a princess and be rich,” added a proud Desiree.

While Desiree achieved the title of youngest person to gain a GCSE yesterday, 7-year-old Oscar Selby, from Epsom, is believed to be the youngest person ever to get an A* in a GCSE.

Oscar, who received extra tuition at the Ryde Teaching centre in Hertfordshire, received the A* after getting top marks in maths.

“It was hard work but I did enjoy it,” Oscar said.


"I was rather nervous on the day of the exam but it was easier than the normal ones I had done.”