Flexible work hours are better for your health

Flexible working doesn’t just benefit family life, it may also lower stress


People who have control over their working hours have better health because they’re less stressed and have better sleep, according to a review of scientific evidence from 10 studies involving more than 16,000 people.


Employees who were able to decide their own working hours had better mental health, blood pressure and sleep patterns, whereas workers in situations determined by their employer had no health benefits. One lot of research even indicated that fixed work hours effected mental health in a negative way.

A third of parents who left work after having children put it down to lack of flexible work arrangements, a survey for Family Friendly Working found last month.

Previously in the UK, only parents with children under 6 or who were disabled were allowed to request flexible working. But the situation changed last year, so now all parents with children under 16 years of age have the right to request a flexible work arrangement.


We’ve got more info on flexible working after maternity leave.

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