Food manufacturers are misleading parents

Mums “having wool pulled over their eyes” according to British Heart Foundation


Food manufacturers are using “smoke and mirror tactics” to mislead parents into think foods are healthier than they are, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has claimed.


The BHF’s research discovered that 92% of mums faced with typical food label slogans were suckered into thinking they were beneficial healthwise. For example, a cereal that promotes that it is ‘wholegrain’, and the benefits of wholegrains, fails to mention one serving contains more sugar than a doughnut, reports the Telegraph.

“Mums are having the wool pulled over their eyes by food manufacturers. Smoke and mirror tactics means that foods targeted at children and high in fat, salt and sugar are being disguised with partial health claims suggesting they’re a healthy choice. Regularly eating these types of foods could have serious implications for kids’ future health,” the BHF’s chief executive, Peter Hollins said.

The BHF wants to see a more consistent traffic light labeling system on the front of foods. ”Partial health claims and the mish mash of food labelling systems serve only to confuse shoppers about the nutritional value of what they’re putting in their shopping baskets. It’s time for food companies to stop making excuses, support one system and ensure shoppers are given ‘at a glance’ information about the foods they’re giving their kids,” commented Peter Hollins.


If you’re interested in helping your family eat the recommended amount of wholegrains each day, but don’t know where to start, check out Wholegrain Goodness, a campaign by the organisation HGCA (Home Grown Cereal Authority). The Wholegrain Goodness site covers what wholegrains are, where to find them and why you should eat them, as well as simple recipe ideas and videos.

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