Football results doctored to spare children’s feelings

Kids’ football league match results changed in case the losers are upset


Bosses in a children’s football league have started to publish altered match results, to spare the losers’ embarrassment. Defeats are now recorded as 1-0 no matter how many goals a team lost by. Draws are now represented as 1-1.


“It’s crazy,” said one dad. “Kids need to learn about winning and losing. If one lad scores seven goals and that isn’t recorded what kind of message does that send?”

Other angry parents have complained that the move takes the competitiveness out of football games but the league in question,Telford Junior League, said the move was in line with FA guidelines.

Stephen Clarke, an under-11s team manager agreed with the move, “I think by 15 [goals] they have an understanding that life is a bit of a competition.”

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