Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo facing custody battle?

Mum of footballer’s baby is rumoured to be regretting giving up rights to her son

After the surprise story hit the headlines that Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had become a father and was bringing up his son alone, it appears that the mum has now had a change of heart.


According to the Sunday Mirror, the unnamed 20-year-old mum to the baby boy, who gave 25-year-old Cristiano exclusive guardianship after giving birth last year, has allegedly changed her mind and is fighting for access to the boy Cristiano, who was named after his dad.


Said to regret her decision to give up her parental rights for an undisclosed amount, the British woman is believed to be fighting for custody of the child, who is being brought up by Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores, and sisters, Elma and Liliana.

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