Former footballer Paul Scholes announces his son has autism

The ex-England ace reveals his 6-year-old son's condition in his autobiography


Former England and Manchester United star Paul Scholes has revealed that his young son suffers from autism and learning difficulties.


He made the announcement about his six-year-old son Aiden in his autobiography, Scholes: My Story, which is published today.

“We hope his condition improves but we’re not banking on it, just doing everything we can to make sure he has a happy life. He has a load of people trying to help him, speech and play therapists for example,” he wrote in the Sun today.

Autism affects communication skills and social interaction. The footballer added that his other children, Arron, 12, and Alicia, 10, “cope with it brilliantly”.

“They don’t always get much attention from him, which is all a part of autism, but they still put the effort in and show him love. And he loves them in return,” he wrote.

Nearly one child in every 100 may have an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), which is a wide term for those with either Autism or Asperger Syndrome, according to the NHS.


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