Four out of five parents unaware of car seat rules

As the back to school rush begins, research highlights parents’ confusion over their children’s car seat safety


With the new school term underway and the school run rush happening right across the UK, car seat safety is in the spotlight. Millions of parents are putting their children at risk by being unaware of car seat safety laws, according to research by Britax.


Out of the 1,000 parents polled, only 20% knew that children must use a car seat or booster cushion under the age of 12, or when they reach 1.35 metres in height. More worryingly, a parent’s decision to set up the car seat or booster seat was based on the length of the journey or their child’s attitude towards it.

Parents also admitted to switching from car seat to booster cushion when their child was only 6 years old, meaning they aren’t receiving any side impact protection on car journeys.

The back to school rush is predicted to cause huge delays and traffic jams today, according to TomTom HD Traffic, with predictions of 1,087 miles of delays and 385 miles of congestion on the cards. However, with these worrying survey results coming to light, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the car seat laws whilst on the school run.

“Our aim is to educate an encourage parents to use optimum safety measures for their little ones. Whilst booster cushions are better than no child car seat, they offer no side impact protection, and with one in four accidents happening side-on, this is essential,” says Britax Child Safety Expert, Mark Bennett.


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