Four-year-old cancer patient inspires campaign for bald Barbie dolls

Campaigners call for bald dolls to help young girls cope better with cancer and hair loss


Barbie may be getting a brand new look as a campaign pushing for the doll’s manufacturer to make a bald Barbie gains momentum.


Four-year-old Genesis Reyes, who lost her hair after cancer treatment, inspired the campaign when she said she didn’t feel like a princess without her hair. A parent of another child being treated in the same hospital asked the CEO of Mattel, the toy manufacturer and friend of hers, to make a one of a kind bald Barbie doll for little Genesis.

This one-off bald doll has inspired the Beautiful and Bald Barbie Facebook group to persuade Mattel to make more, similar dolls in a bid to help children come to terms with cancer and other causes or hair loss.

The Facebook group, which is led by Jane Bingham from New Jersey and Beckie Sypin from LA, has more than 80,000 “likes” so far.

“When I read the article about Mattel making a one of a kind Barbie for Genesis, I thought how wonderful that would be, with so many other children dealing with hair loss from chemo, alopecia or trichotillomania,” said Jane, reports the Daily Mail.

The Facebook page suggests that the doll would come with accessories such as scarves and hats. “This would be a great coping mechanism for young girls dealing with hair loss of their own or by a loved one. We would love to see a portion of proceeds go to childhood cancer research and treatment. Let’s get Mattell’s attention!” states the page.

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