Four-year-old sells paintings for £16,000

Mini artist Aelita Andre has become an art sensation after her artwork was shown in top New York gallery


An Australian 4 year old has been dubbed the next Andy Warhol after her paintings sold for over £16,000 – and she’s not even in school yet!


Aelita Andre started painting at the tender of 11 months and sold her first masterpiece when she was two. Now, Aelita is exhibiting her artwork, which feaures sporadic splashes of paint and the odd use of cotton wool balls, for her first solo show in New York.

The Agora Gallery in Manhattan snapped up the tot’s paintings for a special three-week long exhibit, with one art lover already splashing out £16,000 for a piece of her art and two other pieces sold off for thousands. “Aelita is an amazingly talented painter. Her mind works in a way an established artist’s would,” gallery owner Angela Di Bello has said.

Apparently Aelita’s inspiration ranges from “Dinosaurs to planets” according to her parents, who also say that the tot gets annoyed if they try and help her with her art. “She chooses the colours herself. She’s so determined, forceful and decisive, she’ll get angry if you even suggest a colour,” her mum Nikka told the Daily Mail

So how does 4-year-old Aelita make her masterpieces? “I do this, but with many colours,” she explained, whilst waving her hands in circles.

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