Four-year-old spends £500 on dad’s iphone

Boy accidentally buys a £500 signed Harry Potter bookplate from eBay while playing with dad’s iphone


Four-year-old Benji Hilton used his dad’s eBay iphone app to accidentally buy a £500 Harry Potter bookplate while his dad popped to the loo.


James Hilton, 30, had been looking at signed books on his iphone before leaving it on the sofa and going to the lav. Little did he know he would be spending more than a penny – Benji started playing with the iphone and by accident clicked the Buy it Now button, purchasing a signed Harry Potter bookplate for £500.

“I was only gone 30 seconds but he had bought the bookplate and the auction had ended,” Benji told The Sun.

“I asked him what he had done and he said, ‘Pressed some buttons, Daddy’. I could have died – it meant I was committed to paying £500 for something I didn’t want. And Benji doesn’t even like Harry Potter!”

Benji’s horrified dad has emailed the seller in the hope he won’t have to fork out the £500.

“I didn’t know it meant Daddy would have to buy it. I won’t do it again,” Benji told reporters.


The bookplate had been signed by Harry Potter author JK Rowling and was being auctioned for charity.  

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