Frankie Bridge’s baby Parker takes his first selfie

The 1-year-old’s not walking yet but has mastered the art of the selfie


First laugh, first steps, first words… there are lots of milestones that our little ones reach. But this is a new one on us… how about baby’s first selfie?


Strictly Come Dancing star and Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge admits baby Parker is taking selfies before he can walk!

“Little mans not walking but got the selfie down… Priorities and all that,” she tweeted.

In the photo, Parker’s making a grab for a family friend’s camera while giving a cheeky smile.


Parker’s no stranger to working the camera. He was the star of many of Frankie’s wedding photos when she married footballer Wayne Bridge three months ago. 

“What an amazing day, made even better by this little man,” she commented alongside the black and white shot that she’s just posted on Instagram.

What a cutie! Do your little ones ever make a grab for your phone or tablet to take their own pictures? Let us know below…

Photo: Instagram / Francesca Bridge

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