Mum-of-two Frankie Bridge might be a popstar, but that doesn't stop her facing the same #mumprobs as the rest of us.


The former Saturdays singer shared her most recent mum problem on Instagram alongside an adorable snap of her youngest son, 9-month-old Carter.

“When you're already washed and ready to go, then your lunch date gets yogurt in your hair? ... It's a hat day!! #mumprobs” Frankie captioned the pic.

It seems that Frankie’s fans can relate, and they were quick to share their own version of this typical mum problem in the comments of her post.

“Haha had the same problem yesterday ???” one responded.

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“Mine was banana this morning! Cheers kids!” another added.

We've been there, too, and can think of a few #mumprobs of our own. Like, how 5 hours of sleep a night is classed as a 'result': when you realise that your bubba has long been asleep and you’ve been sat watching (and enjoying) In The Night Garden for no real reason, and the consistently poor timing of the classic sick-all-over-your-shoulder routine…

Anyway, you’ll all be pleased to know that Frankie managed to get the yogurt out of her hair, and was hat-free the next day on a fun cinema trip to see Thomas & Friends with her eldest son, 2-year-old Parker.

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Images: Instagram/Francesca Bridge

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