Freddie Prinze Jr admits nappy racing with wife Sarah Michelle Gellar

Scooby Doo star boasts he can beat his celeb wife when it comes to speedy nappy changes


First time dad Freddie Prinze Jr had confessed to being rather competitive when it comes to 4-month-old Charlotte Grace, timing himself when he changes her nappy to make sure he beats his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar!


Boasting he can “change a diaper with the best of them” the actor reckons his best time is under 40 seconds. “Guys know, we time it! We’re like, ‘Oh you want us to do it? How fast do you do it in?’ Girls are like, ‘Uhh, I don’t know.’ Guys are like, ‘Forty-six seconds!’”

Although we reckon Freddie’s time is pretty good, it sounds like he has it easy with Charlotte on his hands, as wife, Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, admits their little girl is an easy baby. “We’ve been really lucky. She’s a sleepy nanny. She sleeps, she eats, she laughs, she’s great!” SMG has said.


Do you beat your man in the nappy stakes? Share your best times below…

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