Free first aid skills at the click of a mouse

Parents have the opportunity to learn lifesaving skills for babies and young children

Would you know what to do if a toddler started to choke? All parents have a moment at least once in their parenting careers where they are faced with needing to use some basic first aid. But how many of us really have these skills to hand?


The answer is now in your own living room. The British Red Cross has devised a unique online learning resource for parents of babies and young children who can now learn life-saving first aid skills in the comfort of their own homes.

The site covers a number of different topics and offers a range of different materials including videos, quizzes, animations, audio and downloadable resources.

This unique resource is the first of its kind to offer free information in a variety of new media formats, specifically aimed at parents. The skills it demonstrates are vital for anybody who is caring for babies or young children.

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid services at the British Red Cross, said: “This great new resource demonstrates just how easy it is to pick up first aid skills. It’ll enable busy parents to learn in their own homes, at their own pace.

“We understand that most parents of young children, while they know it is important to learn first aid skills, often just don’t have time to go on a course. By simply logging on to the Children first aid website, parents and child carers can now easily learn a range of basic first aid skills that could one day save their child’s life.”
Mother of twins, Rachael Horrocks from Cheshire who has used the service, found it instantly useful.

She said: “The day after using the Red Cross tool, one of my twins had a high temperature and I felt confident I knew how to cope with it! It is very simple, quick to find what you want and offers a varied way of learning.”
Sarah Flatman from Worksop thought that the site was “very easy to use and you can keep going back if you are not sure about something.”


She said: “I think the information is presented in such a way that it is all very easy to pick up and you feel that you can use it.”

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