Free nursery places to be extended to 2 year olds

George Osborne set to confirm 40% of 2 year olds will receive free nursery education in Autumn Statement


Over 250,000 extra toddlers could be entitled to free nursery places as the Government plans to extend funding to include 2 year olds. The current scheme entitles both 3-year-old and 4-year-old children to 15 hours of free nursery education throughout 38 weeks of the year. Plans to open up the scheme to include 40% of 2 year olds are likely to be announced today during George Osborne’s Autumn Statement.


Local authorities would be called upon to distribute the funds for childcare, with a focus on disadvantaged families. Mums who’ve been unable to return to work due to the growing cost of childcare are likely to benefit most from this proposed £650 million scheme. George has stated that the move is part of a wider strategy to ensure “a stronger economic future”.

As a result of the summer riots in London it’s believed the Government is supporting projects like this in order to ensure education is consistent from an early age.

Official announcements are due to made at 12.30pm today.


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