French minister leaves sick baby for work

French minister and single mum Rachida Dati in the news again over her baby.


French justice minister Rachida Dati, 43, left daughter Zohra, 4 months, with doctors and her sister, in a Paris hospital to attend an official engagement.


Baby Zohra had developed a fever, and after Miss Dati had been with her for a few hours and thought everything was fine, she left for her work engagement in Jordan.

A hospital source has said that many believe Miss Dati’s place should be with her daughter, but that Miss Dati said she couldn’t let France down.

Rachida Dati was in the news in January this year, after she returned to work less than five days after she gave birth to Zohra. Miss Dati has never named the father, though there’s been much speculation in France over who he might be.

Rachida Dati is set to leave government next month.


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