Gender reveal parties – the latest American parenting craze

Finding out whether you’re expecting boy or girl is becoming even more exciting for dads and mums-to-be with America’s new baby shower trend


Baby showers have been a popular party for parents-to-be in the UK for years, with Victoria Beckham being the latest celeb to celebrate her baby daughter’s impending arrival. But will America’s latest trend – Gender Reveal Parties – get picked up by parents-to-be here?


A typical Gender Reveal Party happens like this:

1. The couple ask the sonographer to determine the baby’s sex at the 20 week scan and write it in an envelope to keep it secret.

2. The parents-to-be then take the envelope to a bakery, where a gender reveal cake is made. Iced in a neutral colour, the sponge inside is either blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

3. Guests at the party are invited to guess the baby’s sex and wear the colour that represents whether they think it’s a boy or girl.

4. The climax of the party is when the parents-to-be cut the cake to discover whether they are expecting a son or daughter!

Would you throw a Gender Reveal Party?

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