Genes may influence how intelligent your child is

Half of the differences in intelligence are from variations in genes, study reveals


Your genes have an influence on how intelligent your child is, a study has found.


There appears to be some truth in the notion that intelligence runs in families. Experts have found that at least a thousand individual genes each had a small influence on a person’s IQ. 

“I has been getting clearer and clearer that any genetic contribution to traits on which people differ – like height and weight – comes about from large numbers of gene differences, each with very small effects,” said Professor Ian Deary, reports the International Business Times. “We thought that was one possibility for cognitive ability differences, and our results are compatible with that.”

Two tests were performed on 3,511 people – one using vocabulary and one measuring problem-solving skills. The results showed that 40% of the variation in knowledge and 51% of the variation in problem-solving skills had a genetic root. 

Although this still leaves a lot of room for environmental influences, it shows that we do pass down our wisdom to our little ones in more ways than one! 

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