Nothing makes us go ? more than a celeb buggy sighting.


We love to see which prams the rich and famous are using to ferry their little ones around - and today we’ve got not one reveal, but two...

Geri and Christian Horner

Firstly, Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) and F1 husband Christian are carrying baby Monty in style.

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A van outside of the stars' home showed they were taking a delivery of numerous Silver Cross products - and a cheeky glimpse at the label shows Geri's buggy-of-choice is the Silver Cross Surf: Aston Martin Edition.

Better get saving if you want to mimic Mama Spice’s new wheels - the buggy costs an eye-watering £3,000.

Mind, she also recently shared on Instagram that she's got the incredible Silver Cross Balmoral pram, which costs about £1600.

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Shayne Ward and Sophie Austin

Meanwhile, Coronation Street star Shayne Ward and former Hollyoaks actress Sophie Austin recently welcomed their 1st child together - a baby girl named Willow May.

And our eagle-eyed reviews editor Hazelann Williams tells us that Willow’s cruising in the iCandy Peach - which would set you back £755.

They appear to have it in black, with the £185 carrycot attached.

Another sleek and stylish choice ?

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Tell us…

What was your baby’s first buggy? What would you be buying now if you had your time over (or for your next buggy)?

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Images: Instagram/Geri Horner/Shayne Ward, iCandy, Silver Cross

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