Giant dog saves little boy from going blind

Mark's parents are convinced their dog sensed their son's serious sight problem


Wherever little Mark went, his giant dog Alfie would follow. The pair were completely “inseparable” – but parents Sharlene and Mark snr soon noticed something odd about Alfie’s attachment to their son… he’d always walk on his right side.


And when slouching on the sofa – the 13-stone French mastiff would always stay on Mark’s right.

How strange! The family were convinced their dog had gone soft.

But it wasn’t until Mark, 5, went for a routine eye examination that it all made sense. They found out he has an astigmatism – which meant he was almost blind in his right eye.

So they’re convinced the dog always put himself on Mark’s right to act as a guide.

“It’s incredible to think that Mark had this problem with his eye since birth and Alfie was the only one who spotted it,” Sharlene of Strathaven, Lanarkshire, said.

“If it hadn’t been caught when it was, he could have gone blind.

“They’ve grown up together and we always just thought it was a funny coincidence that Alfie would only sit or walk on one side of him.

“When they sat on the couch together, Alfie would always prop himself to Mark’s right.

“When he saw the optometrist, straight away they noticed Mark couldn’t see out of his right eye because it was so blurred.

“Mark never mentioned it because he didn’t know any different.

“Suddenly, it all made sense. Alfie was always there by his right side to guide him.

“It’s mad when the dog understands what’s going on before the humans.

“We call Mark and Alfie the twins because they are inseparable and this proves they have a telepathic relationship.

“It’s like Alfie has superpowers and knows when there’s something wrong with Mark.”

Sharlene, 42, who also has an 8-year-old son, James, said Mark now wears a patch to strengthen his weak eye and his vision is slowly improving.

“His right eye is getting stronger but it’s too early to say if it will follow him into adulthood,” she added.

Alfie really is this boy’s best friend!

Photo: Caters

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