Gina Ford swaps baby advice for politics

Parenting expert gives her opinion on politicians’ pledges in the run up to the general election


Gina Ford, author of the bestselling parenting book, Contented Little Baby, has given up play dates and put her best foot forward to politics as she launches her own blog, looking at what the politicians are pledging for the future as the election approaches.


The move comes after Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats attacked Gina’s parenting methods, saying they were like “sticking babies in broom cupboards.”  He added that following her advice was like following an instruction manual.

In response, Gina has launched where she’ll be commenting on the different pledges being made, particularly focusing on issues concerning families and children.

With the mission statement, “As individuals, we sometimes forget that we can affect things, but that is exactly what our vote is for,” the MPs are in for a right old time!


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