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Giovanna Fletcher: my nearly-due baby bump

Tom 'McFly' Fletcher’s wife, who's due in a fortnight, reveals she's a hypnobirthing fan – and hasn't yet found out if her baby's a boy or a girl

Giovanna Fletcher, wife of McFly's Tom Fletcher, only has a few weeks of pregnancy left and she's making sure she’s got everything ready for her new arrival.


The 29-year-old mum-to-be says she has her hospital bag ready, a plan for the delivery and even a list of baby names sorted.

"I'm getting bigger by the day!" she's told OK! magazine. "My due date is 30th March and I've packed my emergency bag. I'm excited but calm."

Giovanna's also reveals that she and Tom are planning to keep calm during the birth, sorting out a playlist for the delivery and swotting up on the hypnobirthing technique.

“It's a lovely thing to do as a couple," she says, "and it's so calming. It's all about hugs before drugs!

“And we’re putting together a chilled playlist, like Jack Johnson and Norah, Jones for the birth”

The couple have decided not to find out the sex of their baby so they’ve got a shortlist of potential names ready.

“We have two girls' names and three boys' names picked," Giovanna says. "The boys' names are quite unusual and the girls' names are pretty.”

And, reveals Giovanna, Tom is planning to be a hands-on dad.

“Tom said he’s going to get up in the night," she says. "We’ve always been very much a team, so hopefully that will continue.”

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