Giovanna Fletcher is speaking out about post-baby body shamers - after coming under attack for a recent outfit choice.


The mum-of-two appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to promote her new book, Always With Love, alongside husband Tom Fletcher.

For the record, she was wearing a white collared blouse and a flowy patterned skirt. Now, to us, this is a pretty standard outfit. In fact, it's a rather nice one.

But of course, online trolls were quick to throw stones and reacted on Twitter, calling her ‘frumpy’ and ‘smug’.

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Which we think is a bit unnecessary – especially if you consider the fact that Giovanna only gave birth to her second child, Buddy, in February of this year, meaning there’s a very specific reason why she chose to wear what she wore.

“I’ve got a post-bump body and I’m just trying to wear outfits that don’t make me look pregnant still, or that I feel good in,” she told OK! Magazine. “So I was a bit bummed.

“It’s difficult, but… their opinion doesn’t actually affect me at all. I don’t have an opinion on them, so therefore they shouldn’t have an opinion on me.”

It makes us sad that Giovanna has to put up with this, not just the once, it seems, but repeatedly. We still can’t get over the fact that 11 days after giving birth, a stranger approached her with this cheeky comment about her tummy!

But we are glad she’s stopped letting the negative comments get to her.

We say - wear what makes you feel comfortable, wear what makes you feel good - and don’t worry about whether or not people think your outfit makes you look ‘frumpy’.

Images: Instagram/Giovanna Fletcher/Tom Fletcher

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