Meet Cora Bishop, the 6-year-old model who's just become one of the faces of River Island's kids line ?


Cora, who has Down's Syndrome, was selected to be one of the stars of the fashion brand's new 'Labels Are For Clothes' campaign, to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The campaign vid and pics have just come out, yet she's already been signed to modelling agency Zebedee Management.

And we reckon all this fashion stuff must be quite fun – and out of the ordinary – for Cora, given that she's still a primary school pupil in her hometown of Wrexham, Wales.

As you can imagine, Cora's mum Sheryl is simply bursting with pride over her little girl's success, as she says she doesn't ever want her to feel limited by her Down's Syndrome.

“I can’t even explain how proud everyone is of her and it’s given her faith she can achieve what she wants to achieve," Sheryl told Wales Online.

"Cora absolutely loved [the shoot]. She was in her element being the centre of attention and making everyone laugh. She loves all the big bows and girly things.

"They took her to the set where they film the video and she just ran on and started playing with the balloons – they didn’t need to give her any direction."

"We wanted to show the positive side of Down’s Syndrome." Sheryl continued.

"I don’t want her to be limited when she’s older – I want her to have as many experiences as possible and for her to choose her own career path."

River Island's inclusive campaign isn't just a big break for Cora, but also for several other child models with disabilities – including a little girl named Mia, who uses a wheelchair.


The video ad shows her cruising around in a modified, mini sports car. Really lovely stuff ?
Images: River Island
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