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Girl puts Nan on eBay as a joke – and bids hit £20,000!

10-year-old surprised by demand for Gran

eBay bidders came across a strange auction this week, after a 10-year-old girl put her granny on the online bidding site!


Ten-year-old Zoe put her nan, Marian Goodall, 61, on the site as a joke because she was fed up with Marian’s moaning following treatment for a knee injury.

Zoe said she was feeling annoyed with constantly being asked to do things, like making her a drink, and decided to do something to cheer them both up.

“She was moaning again, so I suddenly thought I’d put her on eBay. I didn’t know how much we’d get for her, maybe 99p,” she said.

Her dad Thomas Pemberton, 31, who cares for his mum Marian at their home in Essex, said, “I could hear Zoe asking mum lots of questions, but I had no idea what she was doing. She called me over and said she’d put nan on eBay. I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea she knew how to do it. She’d even got a picture of her! I didn’t tell her off though, as she brought a smile to my mum’s face.”

Zoe described her nan on eBay as “annoying” but also said she could “be very cuddly and loves word searches”.

Single dad Thomas said, “We’ve had loads of enquiries asking if mum comes with a guarantee. Within a day there were £1,000 bids and when I last checked it was £20,541. I was amazed but mum wasn’t. She said she was worth millions.”


The auction has now been halted by eBay but Marian said she “didn’t mind”.


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